Milto Cleaners Pickup Artist

The heart of Milto’s pickup and delivery service is the “Milto Pickup Artist.” And while he may not be suave, he knows how to show your clothes a good time.

Milto Cleaners Clothes Talk

Milto Cleaners is a family-owned dry cleaning chain in Central Indiana. The Milto brand is built on an understanding that professional garment care isn’t just about clean clothes—it’s also about reputation management.

Milto Cleaners The Craft of Clean

Dry cleaning and professional laundering is a hand-on business. Before your clothes come back from Milto Cleaners, they’ve been touched by up to 20 different people. That’s pretty impressive—and it was the idea behind this campaign.

Miltonian Wisdom

When you’ve been in the dry cleaning business as long as the Milto family, you learn some pretty interesting stuff. We gathered all those insights and created a campaign called “Miltonian Wisdom.” It was featured by both Communication Arts and Print Regional Design Annual.