Pedal hard enough and your troubles can’t catch up.

Gray Goat

Project Brief

Putting butts on bikes since 2003.

This project brought together two of our favorite things: bikes and beers. When Indianapolis-based Gray Goat Bicycles opened their newest location inside a popular microbrewery, we were asked to help spread the word.

First, we created a one-off logo especially for Gray Goat’s in-pub location (a goat head/pint glass hybrid). Next, we rolled out pint glasses, coasters, growlers, and nifty stickers.

Of course, in the end, Gray Goat’s job is to sell bikes. So, we developed a few items without the beer tie-in, too—posters (with custom photography), shirts, price tags, and some cool bike-inspired signage.

Stickers & Tags
Growler & Pint