Brewed on Base.

Triton Brewing

Project Brief

Rebranding the granddaddy of Indiana’s craft breweries.

Historically, Triton Brewing Co. had created one-off packaging and advertising for every product in its lineup. Every single beer required its own can design, its own logo, and its own advertising—which is an expensive and timely undertaking.

The Flatland recommended an end to one-off product rollouts by applying a “branded house” approach to Triton. Every can of beer—whether an IPA, stout, or golden ale—should be unmistakably Triton Brewing Co.

Of course, a brand is more than consistent design. It’s also consistent story. So, we summarized Triton’s colorful history in three short words: Brewed on Base. (When was the last time you drank a beer brewed in a former U.S. Army mule stable?)

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