Great brands, like great people, occasionally scare traditionalists.

We defy convention to grow our clients’ brands.

Our Projects


If it’s unlike anything else, it’s Peerless.

The Cabaret

Irreverent. In a most sophisticated way.

Milto Cleaners

The pickup artist.

Milto Cleaners

Clothes Talk

Citizens Bank

Here's to people.


Founded, but not stuck, in 1820.


Life needs a great bank.


The American family farm.

William Roam

Distinctly American. Decidedly luxurious.

FS Seed

Every field is a battlefield.

Earshot Audio

Quiet time sucks.


Respect the hunt.

Kingdom Martial Arts

We don’t condone violence. But criminals do.

Miscellaneous ads and identities.

A bit of this. A bit of that.

Stand for something.

The Flatland is an advertising agency that abhors ignorable, uninspired work. We believe your comfort zone—in the long run—is the most dangerous spot in the world. So we build brands that look, speak, and act in ways that get them noticed.